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I'm Kimberly Brown; illustrator, author, and artist. 

My main job is to ask questions, mostly of myself, about what's true and what's important. Then I research and ask other people questions so I can write about it. Then I make pictures to help me understand and tell those stories better.


I'm the illustrator and author of an upcoming picture book, 'How Big Is the Sky?' (working title, 2025, Affirm Press). But the thing that keeps me the busiest is creating the content for my blog, 'Outsider' where I explore, as honestly as possible, the ways that running around outside is teaching me to live a meaningful life in the 21st century. 

I'm based in the Newcastle area (near the ocean, with lots of trees and fresh air) and whenever possible, far, far away from the beaten path where the world feels open and quiet and wild.


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Newcastle, NSW, Australia
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