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Kimberly Brown facilitates fun and inspiring events that make space for imperfection and play. Each class and workshop is underpinned by the core belief that we are not defined by what we produce. So much of our feelings of anxiety, stress, insecurity, inadequacy and overwhelm have their roots tangled in the idea that our value is equal to the value of what we're able to achieve. These events use art-making as a vehicle to ask questions and create opportunities to begin to disentangle our sense of self-worth from what we do by learning to play, risk and value the process. Painting and art-making open up space for fun, experimentation, risk-taking, mistakes and failure which are all integral to the act of creativity, problem-solving, adventure, and being able to live our best lives. 




Playfulness is about having fun, but it's not easy. You also have to remember how to do things without any expectations around outcomes and success. Let's jog your memory.



Bringing something new into the world takes courage and a whole lot of mistakes. Art lets you practice taking risks without doing anything your insurance wouldn't cover.



You are a human being whose value has nothing to do with what you achieve or produce. This art-making is about the process, not the outcomes. Get stuck into it.


No events at the moment

Hospitality Venues

Food, drinks, and a painting class. Get a bit more from the 'Paint + Sip' experience, with thoughtfully designed conversation cards and some real intentionality around practicing imperfection and play in the midst of our frenetic lives.

Workshops for Kids

Kids already know how to do creativity and in these workshops they're given the space to move, play, make, and experiment as a group all while learning to embrace mistakes and enjoy the process without worrying about the outcome.


Art-making can be intimidating, often raising questions about self-worth, anxiety, and risk-taking. Art is also a powerful way to make room for conversations. These workshops are inclusive, empowering and introduce tools for creativity, problem-solving, self-acceptance and anti-fragility.

Private Functions

A very cool way to have a party. Just add friends, drinks, food, and a big ol' table to get the creativity and conversation cracking. You've got the option to make it truly bespoke - choose the art and the chatter you want to be brought to the table.


A unique way to facilitate team connection, trust, experimentation, and creativity. It's not about being able to paint, it's about practicing the art of taking risks in order to make something that's never existed before.

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If you're interested in hosting an event with Kimberly Brown or have any questions about making that happen, jot down your details below and I'll get back to you pretty quickly. Let's make something amazing happen.

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Terms, conditions + policies

Follow the link below to find a .PDF of our event terms, conditions, child-safe policies and permission notes. 

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